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      Fengli products are mainly used in large and medium-sized buildings, domestic water supply, industrial automatic water supply, agricultural garden sprinkler pressurization, temporary water supply for construction sites and other fields.

      Guest chair

      Chinese martial arts clothing,

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      Butyl rubber

      Other non-metallic mineral products

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      Azo pigment


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      The company dares to meet the challenges of high-end metal material research and development and production, through trial production and batch production practice, has accumulated valuable successful experience, while focusing on the promotion of the application of new steel species, by the industry recognition.

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      It mainly produces submersible electric pumps and supporting equipments such as 150QJ, 200QJ, 250QJ and 300QJ. / more info /

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      Our products are divided into three series: dust removal machine and dust removal accessories and dust removal conveyor equipment. / more info /

      2015 Game Lovers Of the Year

      The variety involves various treatments such as demineralization, carbon removal, oxygen removal, and decontamination, as well as one, two, and three types of reactions, heat exchange, separation, and storage of pressure vessels.

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      The company's main products: magnetic drill (magnetic drill), pipe drilling machine, beveling machine, high frequency chamfering machine, pipe cutting machine, horse knife saw, pipe bending machine, pipe threading machine, crimping machine, hollow drill bit, Rail drills, sprayers, car paint sprayers, tapping machines, marking machines, wall slotting machines, electric iron plate shears, wave plate shears, round pipe belt machines, metal cutting machines.